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For people coming from abroad, the easiest way is via San Juan, Puerto Rico. The flight from New York to San Juan takes 3 1/2 hours; from Miami to San Juan it's 1 1/2 hours.

We STRONGLY recommend that you take the plane as opposed to the ferries to come to Culebra from the main island of Puerto Rico, and thus arrive on time for check in. The ferries may run late, or not at all, and you may have to take the next available ferry. We are not responsible for this. Flying in from San Juan to Culebra (35 minutes) is relatively hassle free, and in most cases is the only way to be able to check in into your hotel the same day of your flight from abroad.

There are several daily flights arriving in Culebra from San Juan Isla Grande Airport (SIG) or San Juan International Airport (SJU) on Air Flamenco (787-724-6464), Vieques Air Link (787-722-3736) and Cape Air (508-771-6944). You may also consider chartering a plane to expedite your arrival.

Chartering Operators:

Taxi AĆ©reo, Air America Caribbean, MN Aviation, Air Margarita (787.529.2336), Air Flamenco, Vieques Air Link. We provide more information on the local airlines and transportation from the main island on our non-mobile website.
For transportation around the Island see Transportation Within Culebra Island

Culebra Island, Puerto Rico