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SWIMMING POOL:  The swimming pool is under renovation and will not be available until further notice.


CANCELLATIONS: If a traveler cancels a reservation at least 60 days before check-in, he/she will receive a 75% refund of the amount paid. If cancelled between 30 and 60 days prior to check-in, traveler will get back 50%. If cancelled  less than 30 days prior to check-in, traveler will not receive a refund. Any deposit or advance payment that traveler paid is applied to last days of reservation and is forfeited in case of early departure. The reservation of a no-show is automatically cancelled and any payment made in advance is forfeited. Tenant may not assign any reservation deposit nor any rental prepayment to another person, and except as allowed by management, the booking is not transferable to another date nor person.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: We highly recommend travel insurance in case you are concerned about not being able to stay with us for your reserved dates!

ESPAÑOL: Cancelaciones. Si usted cancela la reservación a más de 60 días de la fecha del check-in, entonces podrá recibir un reembolso del 75% de la cantidad pagada. Si usted cancela la reservacion entre 30 y 60 dias antes del check-in,  podrá recibir un reembolso del 50%. Si usted cancela la reservación con menos de 30 días del check-in, entonces no habría ningún reembolso.  En caso de usted acortar los días de su estadía, tampoco recibiría un reembolso. Si usted no se presenta a la reservación (no-show), su reservación quedará cancelada, y cualquier pago hecho con anterioridad lo perderá. Cualquier depósito o pago hecho por adelantado para la reservación no es transferible a otra persona, ni tampoco se puede transferir la reservación a otra persona o para otra fecha sin autorización de la hospedería.

SEGURO DE VIAJE: Le sugerimos que considere tomar un seguro de viaje, si quiere asegurar su dinero en caso de que temiera no poder alojarse durante los días de su reservación.

Tropical storm or hurricane: We will allow a change of dates or issue a refund, if requested, when a tropical storm warning or a hurricane warning is issued for our coastal area for the dates of the reservation.

If you are concerned about having to make a trip cancellation, you could consider buying  travel insurance.

At least 2 nights. The required minimum stay is increased for certain dates of the year. Normally guests may start their weekly stay any day of the week.


Check-in time: 3:00 PM  (Not possible after 6:30 PM)
Check-out time: 11:00 AM

Unless you can buy the ferry boat tickets online ahead of time at, we strongly suggest that you take the plane as opposed to the boat to get on time for check in. We provide more information on the ferry boats and contact information for the local airlines and urge you to visit  You may go directly to the ferry ticket online site at
We could allow an early check-in (however, not before 10:30AM) if your assigned apartment was not rented out the night before. If other guests stayed the night before, we could do the check-in paperwork after 10:30AM, but you would have to wait until the room is cleaned before you can go in.

We will do check-ins until 6:30PM. However, we are not able to check in guests who take the passenger ferry departing Ceiba at 7:00PM because we do not have personnel for check ins arriving that late. You are advised to check and verify your transportation plans before making a room booking at Tamarindo Estates.

The check in is done at our Tamarindo Estates office. We are a 7 minute drive from the airport, and a couple of more minutes from the ferry dock. If you have also reserved a rental vehicle, once you get into Culebra the wise thing is to first pick up the rental vehicle in town and drive it yourself with your family to Tamarindo  Estates. Car rental companies like Jerry's Jeeps or Carlos Jeeps pick their customers at the Culebra ferry dock and then drive them in their own van to their office to complete and sign the car rental contract.

If you opt not to rent a car, the taxi fare from town to Tamarindo Estates is about $3-5 per person. If there is no taxi near the dock or airport, call the taxi numbers listed below until you get a live response. It can be useful to know that the road as you exit the airport is the main taxi route between town and the popular public beach Flamenco.


Adriano 787-590-1375; Nelson Acosta 787-972-0928 ;  Ángel 787-455-1892; Ángel Yadiel 787-306-5696;  Charlie 787-407-8186;  Dolce Vita: Charlie 787-407-8186, Kenny 787-449-0598, Ernest 787-710-3904; Fontánez Miguel 939-268-9928; Adrianito 787-472-4935; Jayleen 787-514-9205;  Juan Jayuya 787-243-6252;  Kenny 787-449-0598; Miguelito 787-473-2594;  Nata Amaro 787-969-2863;  Nelly 787-643-7110;  Ranty Amaro 787-645-5355;  Raúl 787-358-4816; Frida Raúl 787-448-6630;  Trinidad Juan 787-461-1046;  Víctor 787-718-1006;  Wilfredo 787-586-6692;  Willy 787-449-0580;  Xavier 787-463-0475.

The easiest way to get to Culebra from Puerto Rico is by airplane, a 35 minute flight from San Juan, P.R., or a 12 minute flight from Ceiba, P.R.  More information on the airlines and booking tickets for the fast ferry is at
You may go directly to the online site for booking ferry tickets at

MOBILE PHONE NUMBER: Please provide your mobile number when you book online with us.

Children over 5 yrs. are welcome. Parents are expected to moderate their own children so that other guests are not unduly upset. Parents should take proper measures regarding bed-wetting, and will be charged for damages.

We limit the number of people allowed in each rental apartment. Additional persons are not allowed, except those authorized ahead of time by the management.

NO-VISITORS: To maintain the quiet and private character of the hotel, we kindly request that non-registered guests be kept off our premises.

NO-PETS: It is our rental policy not to allow pets.

Wi-Fi: Free WiFi: Guest will be provided at time of check-in with the passwords for our WI-FI networks. There is also internet service on the property from the ATT Wireless Network.
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